Anywhere but Chico

by Mikey Inderikey

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This song is my revenge for a 14 hour hitch-hiking session in 112 degrees


Anywhere but Chico

I’m as hungry as a fly on a plastic turd
Waiting for the waitress to bring my dead bird
Chicken-chest and cheese on a platter of fries
A mint-chip malted and a wedge of peach pie
Gazing out the window on the bleak scenario
Wishing I was anywhere – anywhere but Chico

I was up Monday morning at the dawn’s early crack
Humping two guitars and a fat paper sack
Little enough to show for a couple of weary years
The back-door slam still banging in my ears
I should’ve left a note but I really had to go
Destination anywhere – anywhere but Chico

Was it only yesterday? It seems like forever
Since I reached the beginning of the end of my tether
Something had to give, and it did, I confess
That I never stick around to tidy up the mess
I couldn’t even care if you really want to know
Next stop anywhere - anywhere but Chico

Bold as you like he was sitting by the hearth
In his roadkill loafers and his handlebar moustache
He smoked his cigarillo all the way to the butt
Then I forgot my manners and knifed him in the gut
He looked a bit surprised as he gurgled soft’n’low
“Dump my ashes anywhere - anywhere but Chico”

Six blocks later she was leaning on a shelf
Picking out a paperback to entertain herself
I slit her neck quickly so she wouldn’t make a fuss
But the blood made a noise, and someone whispered “SHUSH!”
Dashing from the library I stubbed my little toe
Couldn’t happen anywhere - anywhere but Chico

Well a woman is a woman and a man is a man
A simple fact of life I will never understand
Think about it once, you can think about it twice
And when you’ve thought it over you can give me your advice
Maybe I would listen but I don’t think so
Just drop me anywhere - anywhere but Chico

Now I’m choked on the cosy-lights in lucky people’s homes
Begging for amnesiary waves to wash my bones
A skull full of oxygen and precious little else
Is all that remains – I’m a martyr to myself
Meanwhile I’m still waiting as the moon sinks low
Waiting to be anywhere - anywhere but Chico
Anywhere but Chico - anywhere but Chico


released December 9, 2019
Mikey Inderikey: cuatro and voice
Bucky Ball: bass
Tom Perdoo: scraper




Mikey Inderikey Wales, UK

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